as a matter of fact, i don’t think 3 is too young for monty python

as it is, he thinks all the people on the crosses are pirates!!  (we haven’t watched the whole thing yet, baby steps)  i popped in monty python and the quest for the holy grail the other day and for the most part, it was lost on him.  he gets into the singing though.  i think he liked the knights of the round table song.

so with out further ado, D singing the chorus to “always look on the bright side of life” from “life of brian”

ps. i got him to do it by telling him the video was for uncle D.


my gift to you

happy easter…

so much better to have stuck in the head… it’s been in there since spamalot last wednesday (which i highly recommend. although now that i know the vegas version was abridged, i must now see broadway..or london..)

remember, he’s not the messiah.  he’s a very naughty boy!