the gods must have been bored

Cernunnos flanked by the Celtic equivalents of the Greek and Roman gods Apollo and Mercury, carved relief; in the Musée-Abbaye Saint-Remy, Reims, Fr.

Deity 1: It’s hot and i’m bored. smiting people just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Deity 2: yeah, i know what you mean. there’s just so much to be done. so many people to punish.

Deity 3: tell me about it! i have a back log of, shit, let me see….(checking notes).. oh hell, about 8 years with the republican party alone!

Deity 2: (laughing) yeah, but it was fun to watch their faces when the California supreme court ruled the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional!

Deity 1: yeah, good times.

Deity 3: hey, let’s grant arbitrary college students an extra week on environmental science papers!

Deity 2: yeah, we should do that. those papers need to be good. they need to fix that situation down there. we wouldn’t want them killing themselves off. what would we do for fun?

Deity 1: ooooh. i have an idea. let’s create races of giant garden insects with opposable thumbs.

Deity 3: made of chocolate?

Deity 2: you’re weird.