done done done!!!!!


this is my fist w00t. ok, now first and second. 2 are totally called for in this situation. there seems no more appropriate way to convey my feelings over the cyber-wire.

(i would make it bigger if i could, but i can’t figure out how. oops. whatever. i will not let the lack of increased font size get me down!)

i am done with school.

….well, until next semester. but for now i have completed my spring semester. the second to last semester of my college career. (unless in the unlikely event that i become a masochist and decide that i would like to torture myself with grad school.)

yes folks. she has done it. mama can be happy now and stop stressin’. mama can stop snapping at the most beautiful boy in her life, after all, he just wants to play with her. mama can give a big FUCK OFF to her misogynistic teacher. mama can stop talking about herself in the third person.

here is my final project for photo.

or not.

apparently we are having issues with picture uploads. oh well, check it out on my flickr. it’s the cyanotype purse. i will write an ode to anyone who correctly guesses what the image is and will post it. if i have already told you what it is, no fair, you don’t count, mom. (oh wait, you probably forgot already. hehe. i’m a shithead.) to give credit where credit is due, i got the idea of a little contest from my favourite food photographer/blogger, Blood Sugar. not that it is the same idea, but Graeme got me thinking.

wow. is really all weird tonight. it took me about 5 minutes to get the link right up there.

so, i will go an post lots more fun pictures on flickr now to give ya’ll some eye candy. now that i have the time. :*)

one more thing.  it’s memorial day weekend. act accordingly!  thank you to all the men and women who have served this country.  pass it on.


the gods must have been bored

Cernunnos flanked by the Celtic equivalents of the Greek and Roman gods Apollo and Mercury, carved relief; in the Musée-Abbaye Saint-Remy, Reims, Fr.

Deity 1: It’s hot and i’m bored. smiting people just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Deity 2: yeah, i know what you mean. there’s just so much to be done. so many people to punish.

Deity 3: tell me about it! i have a back log of, shit, let me see….(checking notes).. oh hell, about 8 years with the republican party alone!

Deity 2: (laughing) yeah, but it was fun to watch their faces when the California supreme court ruled the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional!

Deity 1: yeah, good times.

Deity 3: hey, let’s grant arbitrary college students an extra week on environmental science papers!

Deity 2: yeah, we should do that. those papers need to be good. they need to fix that situation down there. we wouldn’t want them killing themselves off. what would we do for fun?

Deity 1: ooooh. i have an idea. let’s create races of giant garden insects with opposable thumbs.

Deity 3: made of chocolate?

Deity 2: you’re weird.

have i mentioned..

how incredibly DONE i am with school? not “technically” done you see…. just burnt the f–k out.

  • i’m sick of the 52 miles each way
  • i’m sick of due dates.
  • i’m sick of not being able to find a healthy, reasonably priced lunch in Chico.
  • i’m sick of assigned research. (i’m always looking up something. i’m just sick of having to do papers)
  • i’m tired of leaving the house at 9am and getting home at 9pm. or later.

yeah, it’s my senior year. Continue reading

changing my mind…like i do

i’m sitting here, trying to draft an outline for my paper about solar power and it dawns on me (like it does) that i’m going about it all wrong. (this has been happening a lot this semester.) the whole topic of solar power cannot really be fully flushed out unless compared to other sources of power. so in order to narrow down my idea i have decided to write a paper on sustainable energy sources such as solar and biodiesel vs. fossil fuels. this is a great time to be thinking about other energy sources because there are some great new technologies arising from the need to become less dependent on oil. we NEED this.

so please, any ideas from my readers about your thoughts and/or experiences with biodiesel or solar would be greatly appreciated.

you can check out my other post on the topic here.

i know!! i haven’t posted in a grip….

the truth is, my fingers got tired. haha. no.. just super busy. one more month of the semester, one more semester to go! i will be happy when i am done. and probably a little sad. (and irritated that i have a whole slew of time and no darkroom or press to use.) but i will be blogging more after the end of may. this next month is jam-packed with:

  • a paper on solar power in addition to the weekly assignments and final
  • a final photo project that has yet to be decided on as well as 4 more photos for last regular critique,
  • an anthropology book to read and final in that class,
  • 2 more design projects (one wood and one wire) as well as the project that was due last night at 5 that i ended up demolishing at 4 because it was ALL WRONG and i hated it.

so D and i are taking off to santa cruz today. i think i should add another bullet to the list:


hell yeah, i got the highest grade on my last environmental science test! yup. that was me. that 58/60… me.

of course, i’m noticing this nearly a month after he posted the grades.

let’s see how the rest of the semester goes….

Does anyone know anything about solar? i’m thinking about writing my term paper on solar power and basically “Why the f**k aren’t we all using solar? we live on a planet that is POWERED BY THE SUN for f**ks sake! “….. i repeat. A PLANET. THAT IS.. POWERED. BY. THE. SUN. Continue reading

sometimes i’m just so proud of myself….

…proud of myself like when i DON’T give the jehovah’s witnesses a piece of my mind for trying to sell me their door-to-door religion. i just kindly tell them that i am not in the market for any jesus, i just went to sam’s club and if i needed any jesus i would have gotten it there, because it was on sale.

but i digress.

today i had a series of small feats.

  • i made to my first class on time and got a good seat. v. importante when said class is in a lecture hall filled with freshman. (sweet jesus i want to slap some of them.) this is a feat as i live 52 miles from school and usually have to pee so bad by the time i get to town that my eyeballs are floating. this results in a stop at safeway for the loo and by the time i’m done there all the closer is parking gone. then it’s a farther walk with less time…blah blah blah. you get the picture. don’t suggest leaving earlier as i already aim for leaving at 9 for an 11 o’clock class. aim being the operative word here.
  • managed to NOT get called up to the front of the class to do the teacher’s bastard-child rendition of “who wants to be a millionaire in jeopardy”. yeah, he thinks he’s a funny guy.
  • sat in the sun between classes and enjoyed the company of some friends.
  • made it to my 2nd class on time. i even had time to sneak in a few scrabulous moves before the teacher started her horribly boring incredibly insightful photography slide show.
  • worked on developing cute little alien that might be part of my company logo during said slide show.
  • wrote paper on gallery show to be turned in to 3rd class, during 2nd class. had enough time left over to spend time in darkroom.
  • developed beautiful picture of D that will be going up on flicker stream after being scanned in tomorrow.
  • made it to 3rd class on time (give or take a few minutes) and was one of about 7 people who did not make plans for valentine’s day (um…because i have class!) thus resulting in 1 letter grade extra credit on any project this semester. score. and turned in paper. sweet.

so dear non-existent readers, life is grand. plus tomorrow is friday which means no school for 4 days. it might make for really long school days, but i love having only tuesday/thursday classes.