it’s hot.

102F today.  maybe more.  my brain is melting.  who said it could get this hot in may???


Lost Wages…i mean Las Vegas

i have never been to a place that nickle and dimes you for EVERYTHING!!! this resort we are staying at is a joke. for starters, they call it “cancun” but the decorator for this place obviously doesn’t know exactly WHO lived in cancun. the “art” they have here is mayan AND aztec. and then, just for good measure, they threw in some ART DECO/MONDRIAN WALL SCONCES. really? they had art deco mayans in cancun?

$5 an hour for internet here too. riiiiiiiiiiight. good thing our room faces the condos next door. free wi-fi baby. oh yeah. Continue reading

what sucks about having a preschooler

this is in no way a reflection on my son.  this is so not his fault.  but what REALLY sucks about having a preschooler is the songs.  i hate kids songs more and more by the minute.  i’ve had a stupid song from noggin stuck in MY noggin for about…oh….a freakin’ WEEK!

i hate Moose A. Moose and his little friend Zee.  anyone with a preschooler who knows how to take out a cartoon character?  i’ve got a TON of monopoly money for anyone who brings me the moose’s head.

i’ve been listening to Outkast all morning to try to make up the difference.  let’s see if it works.

irritating to no end.

we’ve all gotten them. the emails that ask us to forward on the email because “some big company is going to give a dying kid’s family 3 cents for every email”, or “coke is going to give us a year’s supply of high-fructose corn syrup”, or “Barack Obama is really a terrorist. pass it on”. ALL I’M ASKING IS THAT YOU TAKE 10 SECONDS TO GOOGLE IT BEFORE WASTING MY INBOX TIME. Continue reading

thank zeus for Jon Stewart

if you have a minute, check out yesterday’s post over at Graceful Flavor.

I always forget how much I love the daily show. I just really hate politics. i am always left feeling pretty helpless and not just a little bit terrified for the future. I know apathy by the masses is just as dangerous as the passionate ignorant, however, i just can’t seem to get too into it. i vote. i read the fine print, but by the end of election season i am wiped out politically. and thanks to the recall elections and the governator’s special elections, the season hits about every year and a half. plus, it’s REALLY hard to get behind a government you KNOW, way down in the cockles of your heart (maybe below the cockles, maybe the sub-cockle area, maybe the liver, maybe the spleen….) that THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT. you know it, you see it, you feel the burn each time funding for education gets cut, yet you hear that the daily cost of the war is $275, 000,000 per day and counting. throw in a little recession, and the no child left behind standing act, and what’s left is a huge population of undereducated, economically deprived young people. the military doesn’t look too bad then. at least they pay for college, right? they are corrupt AND manipulative, but too big and powerful for us to really do anything about it. especially when voter turnout is so low.

meanwhile, the government has created a pool of easily controllable soldiers to send to war. they must view these young people as toy soldiers or something. toys to play their war games.

it just leaves me feeling helpless. and broke.

Design. Where the college student learns to glue.

here’s the promised post where i rant about having to retake design because you, as my (so far non-existent) cyber audience, have not heard my diatribe on the subject.

i took design a few years ago at a community college and ended up getting pregnant about halfway through the semester. got a B because i had a very hard time waking up and getting to school after getting preggo and missed a few key details about what was needed for the final. (of course, i had no clue as to WHY i couldn’t wake up until 2 weeks before finals!)

when my son was about a year old i transfered to the university that i am going to now. when i sat down with my adviser and my transcripts i learned that the design i took at the cc was 2-D design and i needed 3-D to graduate. blah. the system sucks! why did i take a class that said it would transfer, only to have it transfer to an area that i didn’t need?? (ge transfer credit ie: here’s 3 units towards nothing along with your other 25 units of nothing, 50 units of something, and 45 units of units we are just going to THROW AWAY! tra la la! ’cause we are the college fairies! here to distract you with our bureaucracy wisdom!)

here i am, 2nd to last semester before graduating with my totally worthless studio art degree, loads of advanced classes done with, taking ARTS 126 – design. design where i get to revisit the fascinating concepts of line, shape, color, texture, value, form, and space. wow. as if color theory wasn’t bad enough. color theory = 4 months of mixing R-RO-O-YO-Y-YG-G-GB-B-BV-V-RV and the good ol’ value set of B&W!!! thank zeus for my ipod and npr podcasts of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! if anyone has taken an introductory level painting class, or almost any other intro studio art class, the color wheel has been done. also, if you have ever been in grammar school you are familiar with the concept of the color wheel. if you aren’t familiar with the color wheel, you MUST get out from under that rock and expand your horizons. better yet, take color theory and listen to an npr podcast or 3.

the thing that really bothers me is although these classes are required to graduate, none are prerequisite to any other classes. this means that you have juniors and seniors (like me) who are in the class being treated like freshmen in a condescending way. not only that, we’ve been getting all these concepts from every class we take! honestly, i feel like they make us take these classes so they can hand art students a DEGREE with out laughing. because really, at the end of the day, i get to glue for homework.