support our troops, for real

i want to KISS the person that made this. i want to print them en-mass and distribute them on cars in mall parking lots. i want to hang them from the gas pumps. i should add that the ribbons are probably made in china and the troops don’t see one cent. i also like the ribbon my brother sports on his car.



one more way the patriot act can work for you

normally i ignore the ads on the sides of my facebook page. i try not to notice the annoying little messages lingering all over the net. sure, i occasionally click a few when i am price shopping and such, but mostly the ads just serve as a way to fill up white space in the browser.

i’m not sure what made me click the ad this morning. maybe it was the ambiguity of the ad. maybe it was the fact that i just could not seem to find a good letter combo to play in my scrabulous game and needed to step away for a minute.

at least it took me to videos with Frank Caliendo. for those of you unfamiliar with him, he is a stand-up comedian who is a MASTER impersonator. i hear a lot of him on sirius satellite. his John Madden is SO FUNNY! he can do anybody too. his kasey kasem/robin had me rolling.

so enjoy this video…..

irritating to no end.

we’ve all gotten them. the emails that ask us to forward on the email because “some big company is going to give a dying kid’s family 3 cents for every email”, or “coke is going to give us a year’s supply of high-fructose corn syrup”, or “Barack Obama is really a terrorist. pass it on”. ALL I’M ASKING IS THAT YOU TAKE 10 SECONDS TO GOOGLE IT BEFORE WASTING MY INBOX TIME. Continue reading

thank zeus for Jon Stewart

if you have a minute, check out yesterday’s post over at Graceful Flavor.

I always forget how much I love the daily show. I just really hate politics. i am always left feeling pretty helpless and not just a little bit terrified for the future. I know apathy by the masses is just as dangerous as the passionate ignorant, however, i just can’t seem to get too into it. i vote. i read the fine print, but by the end of election season i am wiped out politically. and thanks to the recall elections and the governator’s special elections, the season hits about every year and a half. plus, it’s REALLY hard to get behind a government you KNOW, way down in the cockles of your heart (maybe below the cockles, maybe the sub-cockle area, maybe the liver, maybe the spleen….) that THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT. you know it, you see it, you feel the burn each time funding for education gets cut, yet you hear that the daily cost of the war is $275, 000,000 per day and counting. throw in a little recession, and the no child left behind standing act, and what’s left is a huge population of undereducated, economically deprived young people. the military doesn’t look too bad then. at least they pay for college, right? they are corrupt AND manipulative, but too big and powerful for us to really do anything about it. especially when voter turnout is so low.

meanwhile, the government has created a pool of easily controllable soldiers to send to war. they must view these young people as toy soldiers or something. toys to play their war games.

it just leaves me feeling helpless. and broke.