my gift to you

happy easter…

so much better to have stuck in the head… it’s been in there since spamalot last wednesday (which i highly recommend. although now that i know the vegas version was abridged, i must now see broadway..or london..)

remember, he’s not the messiah.  he’s a very naughty boy!


one more way the patriot act can work for you

normally i ignore the ads on the sides of my facebook page. i try not to notice the annoying little messages lingering all over the net. sure, i occasionally click a few when i am price shopping and such, but mostly the ads just serve as a way to fill up white space in the browser.

i’m not sure what made me click the ad this morning. maybe it was the ambiguity of the ad. maybe it was the fact that i just could not seem to find a good letter combo to play in my scrabulous game and needed to step away for a minute.

at least it took me to videos with Frank Caliendo. for those of you unfamiliar with him, he is a stand-up comedian who is a MASTER impersonator. i hear a lot of him on sirius satellite. his John Madden is SO FUNNY! he can do anybody too. his kasey kasem/robin had me rolling.

so enjoy this video…..