Happy Towel Day

i remember where i was when i read that Douglas Adams was no longer operating on this planet. i was in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Castle Rock Hostel, reading some tabloid. seems the OG hitchhiker finally caught a ride to elsewhere. hopefully it was not a passing Vogon ship that picked him up.

so in honor of his brilliance, raise a towel.

A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)


mothers day. 0500 hours.



“I HAVE TO GO PEEEEEE!!!” tones more frantic now.


from far off in the land of nod, i think i hear something calling me. “make it stop. for the love of Zeus! make it stop!” it’s so loud now, i can’t even understand it.

the neighbor’s gdmf* Chihuahua starts barking adding to the noise. “wtf.” the conversation from days prior comes back into my head. Continue reading

my gift to you

happy easter…

so much better to have stuck in the head… it’s been in there since spamalot last wednesday (which i highly recommend. although now that i know the vegas version was abridged, i must now see broadway..or london..)

remember, he’s not the messiah.  he’s a very naughty boy!

cell phone pics

because i don’t want ot carry my nice digital around….




Lost Wages…i mean Las Vegas

i have never been to a place that nickle and dimes you for EVERYTHING!!! this resort we are staying at is a joke. for starters, they call it “cancun” but the decorator for this place obviously doesn’t know exactly WHO lived in cancun. the “art” they have here is mayan AND aztec. and then, just for good measure, they threw in some ART DECO/MONDRIAN WALL SCONCES. really? they had art deco mayans in cancun?

$5 an hour for internet here too. riiiiiiiiiiight. good thing our room faces the condos next door. free wi-fi baby. oh yeah. Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!