Happy Towel Day

i remember where i was when i read that Douglas Adams was no longer operating on this planet. i was in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Castle Rock Hostel, reading some tabloid. seems the OG hitchhiker finally caught a ride to elsewhere. hopefully it was not a passing Vogon ship that picked him up.

so in honor of his brilliance, raise a towel.

A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)


mothers day. 0500 hours.



“I HAVE TO GO PEEEEEE!!!” tones more frantic now.


from far off in the land of nod, i think i hear something calling me. “make it stop. for the love of Zeus! make it stop!” it’s so loud now, i can’t even understand it.

the neighbor’s gdmf* Chihuahua starts barking adding to the noise. “wtf.” the conversation from days prior comes back into my head. Continue reading

have i mentioned..

how incredibly DONE i am with school? not “technically” done you see…. just burnt the f–k out.

  • i’m sick of the 52 miles each way
  • i’m sick of due dates.
  • i’m sick of not being able to find a healthy, reasonably priced lunch in Chico.
  • i’m sick of assigned research. (i’m always looking up something. i’m just sick of having to do papers)
  • i’m tired of leaving the house at 9am and getting home at 9pm. or later.

yeah, it’s my senior year. Continue reading


it’s that glorious time of the year where (despite my itchy eyes, runny nose, and general feeling of light-headedness) i am enthralled and amazed by nature. it’s the seedlings and new-growth. it’s the fresh air and clear skies. it’s the rising mercury (i know, they aren’t REALLY mercury anymore) and warmed soil. it’s spring baby and the country-side is in bloom. huge stalks of purple flowers line the highway to school. ponds of white wildflowers flood the pastures for grazing. and right here in my own yard, the signs of life are showing. Continue reading


hell yeah, i got the highest grade on my last environmental science test! yup. that was me. that 58/60… me.

of course, i’m noticing this nearly a month after he posted the grades.

let’s see how the rest of the semester goes….

Does anyone know anything about solar? i’m thinking about writing my term paper on solar power and basically “Why the f**k aren’t we all using solar? we live on a planet that is POWERED BY THE SUN for f**ks sake! “….. i repeat. A PLANET. THAT IS.. POWERED. BY. THE. SUN. Continue reading

my gift to you

happy easter…

so much better to have stuck in the head… it’s been in there since spamalot last wednesday (which i highly recommend. although now that i know the vegas version was abridged, i must now see broadway..or london..)

remember, he’s not the messiah.  he’s a very naughty boy!

what a great saying….

While wasting time researching the complexities of human existence and all of it’s nuisances, i came upon this blog.

check out #7 on the list of interesting things about Wladimiro Dorigo.

i’m definitely incorporating this into my parenting philosophy. thanks Dorigo.