changing my mind…like i do

i’m sitting here, trying to draft an outline for my paper about solar power and it dawns on me (like it does) that i’m going about it all wrong. (this has been happening a lot this semester.) the whole topic of solar power cannot really be fully flushed out unless compared to other sources of power. so in order to narrow down my idea i have decided to write a paper on sustainable energy sources such as solar and biodiesel vs. fossil fuels. this is a great time to be thinking about other energy sources because there are some great new technologies arising from the need to become less dependent on oil. we NEED this.

so please, any ideas from my readers about your thoughts and/or experiences with biodiesel or solar would be greatly appreciated.

you can check out my other post on the topic here.



it’s that glorious time of the year where (despite my itchy eyes, runny nose, and general feeling of light-headedness) i am enthralled and amazed by nature. it’s the seedlings and new-growth. it’s the fresh air and clear skies. it’s the rising mercury (i know, they aren’t REALLY mercury anymore) and warmed soil. it’s spring baby and the country-side is in bloom. huge stalks of purple flowers line the highway to school. ponds of white wildflowers flood the pastures for grazing. and right here in my own yard, the signs of life are showing. Continue reading


hell yeah, i got the highest grade on my last environmental science test! yup. that was me. that 58/60… me.

of course, i’m noticing this nearly a month after he posted the grades.

let’s see how the rest of the semester goes….

Does anyone know anything about solar? i’m thinking about writing my term paper on solar power and basically “Why the f**k aren’t we all using solar? we live on a planet that is POWERED BY THE SUN for f**ks sake! “….. i repeat. A PLANET. THAT IS.. POWERED. BY. THE. SUN. Continue reading

Lost Wages…i mean Las Vegas

i have never been to a place that nickle and dimes you for EVERYTHING!!! this resort we are staying at is a joke. for starters, they call it “cancun” but the decorator for this place obviously doesn’t know exactly WHO lived in cancun. the “art” they have here is mayan AND aztec. and then, just for good measure, they threw in some ART DECO/MONDRIAN WALL SCONCES. really? they had art deco mayans in cancun?

$5 an hour for internet here too. riiiiiiiiiiight. good thing our room faces the condos next door. free wi-fi baby. oh yeah. Continue reading

i feel like i need to respond to myself.

my dear sweet friend left a rather thought provoking comment on my “going green” post. i started to respond in a comment, but it was getting a bit long, and i haven’t posted in a few days, so i thought i would respond in a post.

as i reread my post, i feel i didn’t get to the root as to why i was a little bent on the “movement”. Continue reading

Parachuting live cats into Borneo

if you’ve ever asked yourself, “now, why is it that we don’t want to use DEET?” then this is for you. i had no idea exactly HOW bad it is. i knew it was bad, but this is ridiculous.

parachuting live cats into Borneo

“running the numbers”

i love seeing really very interesting artwork. being an art college student, i see a lot of very “conceptual” art, filled with pompous and self-righteousness. the work is often soooooo intelligent that if you don’t get it then you must not be worthy of the gold light that flows out of their elevated rear end.

this is not one of those artists. conceptual, yes but for real, not all bloated and wind-baggy. this guy, chris jordan, makes an in-your-face statement without being over the top and pushy. i would say that it is not grotesque, but that is not true. the reality of our actions are depicted by jordan through means of the end. our waste that we produce on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis is enough to make one rethink our next trip to the garbage can with these images in our heads. Continue reading