Happy Towel Day

i remember where i was when i read that Douglas Adams was no longer operating on this planet. i was in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Castle Rock Hostel, reading some tabloid. seems the OG hitchhiker finally caught a ride to elsewhere. hopefully it was not a passing Vogon ship that picked him up.

so in honor of his brilliance, raise a towel.

A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)


done done done!!!!!


this is my fist w00t. ok, now first and second. 2 are totally called for in this situation. there seems no more appropriate way to convey my feelings over the cyber-wire.

(i would make it bigger if i could, but i can’t figure out how. oops. must.upgrade.to.other.wordpress. whatever. i will not let the lack of increased font size get me down!)

i am done with school.

….well, until next semester. but for now i have completed my spring semester. the second to last semester of my college career. (unless in the unlikely event that i become a masochist and decide that i would like to torture myself with grad school.)

yes folks. she has done it. mama can be happy now and stop stressin’. mama can stop snapping at the most beautiful boy in her life, after all, he just wants to play with her. mama can give a big FUCK OFF to her misogynistic teacher. mama can stop talking about herself in the third person.

here is my final project for photo.

or not.

apparently we are having issues with picture uploads. oh well, check it out on my flickr. it’s the cyanotype purse. i will write an ode to anyone who correctly guesses what the image is and will post it. if i have already told you what it is, no fair, you don’t count, mom. (oh wait, you probably forgot already. hehe. i’m a shithead.) to give credit where credit is due, i got the idea of a little contest from my favourite food photographer/blogger, Blood Sugar. not that it is the same idea, but Graeme got me thinking.

wow. wordpress.com is really all weird tonight. it took me about 5 minutes to get the link right up there.

so, i will go an post lots more fun pictures on flickr now to give ya’ll some eye candy. now that i have the time. :*)

one more thing.  it’s memorial day weekend. act accordingly!  thank you to all the men and women who have served this country.  pass it on.

Lost Wages…i mean Las Vegas

i have never been to a place that nickle and dimes you for EVERYTHING!!! this resort we are staying at is a joke. for starters, they call it “cancun” but the decorator for this place obviously doesn’t know exactly WHO lived in cancun. the “art” they have here is mayan AND aztec. and then, just for good measure, they threw in some ART DECO/MONDRIAN WALL SCONCES. really? they had art deco mayans in cancun?

$5 an hour for internet here too. riiiiiiiiiiight. good thing our room faces the condos next door. free wi-fi baby. oh yeah. Continue reading

more great words to live by

I was over at Gypsy-Heart, checking out her newest post, and i felt i just HAD to share a quote she has on her page.

The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.~Pablo Picasso

Nude Standing by the Sea

there you have it. it pays to be crazy.

The Elephants are Coming!!

while on my way home from school tonight (i had to drive an hour there so i could spend an hour and a half in the darkroom) i was listening to NPR on Sirius. i had never listened to the show Judy Carmichael’s Jazz Inspiration, but as i like about 75% of the shows on NPR, there was a good chance that i would hear something i liked and learn something new. i came in on the last 15 minutes of the show, so i guess i missed the part where they talk to the guest about jazz that was influential to them. however, what i did get was an interesting tidbit about an elephant film… or something..?

anyway, i was intrigued enough to find the website of the guest, Eames Demetrios, at www.dasfilmfest.com, and the elephant film in question. it was very cool. but, then again, i love me some stop motion animation. (i once bought some Wensleydale cheese just because it had a picture of Wallace and Gromit.) so check out the elephants on parade!!!

i also heard him talk about his Kymaerica project. i will have to look into it a little more, but it sounded cool.

must….resist…urge…..to make.

because with a 3yo, a full time school schedule, a house to keep, and numerous art/craft/school projects i have going, i have time to attempt to make these. or these. yeah right. for one, i don’t even know how to felt wool, but i have found tutorials that claim it is as easy as washing it in hot water and drying it in the dryer. (i’m not so sure about that) and for two, i seriously doubt that with my 2 months of sewing mastery i could make pillows so smooth and stone like.

maybe after i win the lottery and become an eccentric (ie: i won’t be “weird” because i will have $$$), i will build a room filled with these. ooohhh…then i will hang rope swings from the ceilings that look like vines and i will wear (imitation) animal hides and ……*wanders off in own little fantasy land*

“running the numbers”

i love seeing really very interesting artwork. being an art college student, i see a lot of very “conceptual” art, filled with pompous and self-righteousness. the work is often soooooo intelligent that if you don’t get it then you must not be worthy of the gold light that flows out of their elevated rear end.

this is not one of those artists. conceptual, yes but for real, not all bloated and wind-baggy. this guy, chris jordan, makes an in-your-face statement without being over the top and pushy. i would say that it is not grotesque, but that is not true. the reality of our actions are depicted by jordan through means of the end. our waste that we produce on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis is enough to make one rethink our next trip to the garbage can with these images in our heads. Continue reading