I Am (in no particular order):
a libra
over 11,100 days old
a friday baby
mother of 1: my sweet D
wife of 1: B
art college student (soon to be grad!)
aspiring purse maker/designer
of average height
never content with my haircolor
always forgetting something
serving masters of the feline variety (or so they think)
being served as a master to the canine variety (so i think)
probably hyped on caffeine
a mac user
a coffee drinker
a printmaker
knowledge thirtsty
currently bordering addiction with:
reading blogs
following links
i wish:
my studio was not messy.
my carpets didn’t have spots.
and i could find a reliable kitchen gnome to do my dishes…
…and the laundry.
friends had more time to hang out like we did in high school.
there was a bakery or cafe just around the corner.
i could visit another planet and live to tell about it.
i lived in the mountains by the sea.
to have my ashes scattered in Black Rock Desert, NV and Loch Laggen, Scotland.
i knew what all my dna had been before me…since the beginning of time.
for my son to have a wonderful, laughter-filled life.

One Response

  1. I like your blog especially the honesty of it. Plus, you have a good sense of dry humor and that is high on my list!

    The art world can be much like politics! :O

    I will be checking back about your purses!

    Good energy to you and yours!

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