here you will find the * information from my blog posts. i have been using them around, trying to denote that there is more the meaning than one might think. or it is an acronym that i am using.  anyway, you see a * in a post, look here for the side note. i think it will go from oldest to newest. (if i miss one let me know)

*i’m pretty sure there was one in there somewhere next to “president” – well, we all know the elections were rigged. so he’s not my president.

*family-i have many sisters. none of which share dna with me. i have a large family that can claim no real part of my direct ancestry. these are people so close to me that i would do just about anything for them and some that i would do ANYTHING for. there is also a woman on this planet (i use the term “woman” lightly. she is more of a beast) who shares my dna from my mother and father, but she is no sister. this is the reason i do not give you my full name, my son’s name or my husband’s name. this beast is evil and will use anything she can find to try to actively destroy my family. she has threatened my family, she has caused bodily harm to my family, and she is a toxic mass of cells that has to business being on this earth using it’s resources. having experienced her, i no longer think that family means those you share dna with. dna will not earn my trust, love, respect, or honor. when i speak of family, i refer to those that have earned the right to be family. incidentally, there are many in my family who do happen to share my dna, and if a kidney is ever needed, i am thankful we might have a match.

*gdmf– god-damned-mutha-f**king (or f**ker)

*“his boy’s aren’t bad, it’s the girls they hang out with”– so, my friend lives down the street. she actually told me about this housing development and we bought at the same time. when we moved in, she took a teaching job at a junior high in neighboring city (city that we moved to small town from). i would hear about her ups and downs of being a new teacher, the kids, the parents, etc.

on her way up to my house for new year’s eve about 2 years after we moved in, she noticed that the new neighbors in one of the houses between us was having a party and some kids were standing outside. when she got to my house she said, “i think i saw one of my old students down the street. it was dark so i’m not sure.”

she had already changed schools by this point, so i know she was talking about school from neighboring city. by the look on her face and the sound of her voice, i could tell this was not a good thing. hell, by the disruptions our neighbors had already caused, i could tell this was not a good thing! “what was his name?” i ask, remembering that the dad ran a handman business and had his name on the truck broken down in front of his house.

“brian barcelona,” (i totally changed his name, don’t worry. i wish i could tell you his name so you could enjoy how clever his pseudonym is!)

“uh…that was your kid. the broken down truck parked on the street says ‘barcelona handyman services’ or something. i noticed because i thought is was ironic and poor advertising.”

“shit. i can never walk up here again! i can’t let him see me!! do you remember that shithead i told you about who came into my classroom just to antagonize my sub??”

the incident she was referring to made me sick. this kid of an ethnic background went into my friend’s classroom and started slinging all sorts of racist and ignorant comments at the substitute teacher. i think the sub was persian and he started making comments about burritos and hummus i think. i don’t know. i just remember the slurs made no sense overall, but i think he did get a few right because i think the sub ended up apologizing to my friend for whatever offenses the little rat bastard accused her of. oh my friend was pissed. i think she tried to do something about him, but due to crazy policies she was unable to do anything that made a difference.

so now we have a neighbor of the kid. great. at this point, in their short tenure in the house, the police had made numerous visits, gang calls were being yelled out of car windows going down our once quiet street, gang grafitti, fights, you get the picture. so imagine my surprise when the other day, this dad has the nerve to tell me that his boys weren’t bad. riiiight. the girls made them do it. yes there was girl drama. but it was girl drama from the kind of girls who like to hang with boys who want to be in gangs. wake up old man. and shut up your gdmf dog!!


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