for reals this time

ok, so i am going to post at the other site.  this will remain here for the time being, but you should really go to:

bookmark it, subscribe to it, leave a comment, join my religion, listen to me bitch, click on some links, tell me how much i rock and no you don’t mind that the whole site itself is in a state of flux, stumble me, or whatever.  just do it there.

haha.  and i just gave this website out to like 10 people at school.


3 Responses

  1. Is this site going to be abandoned? O.o

  2. kind of. i am posting on the other website now, but this one is up for the folks who don’t have the new address. as you can see, i have not COMPLETELY abandoned it. 🙂 check out the new site!

  3. the dragonfly pic on the first page is amazing!

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