mothers day. 0500 hours.



“I HAVE TO GO PEEEEEE!!!” tones more frantic now.


from far off in the land of nod, i think i hear something calling me. “make it stop. for the love of Zeus! make it stop!” it’s so loud now, i can’t even understand it.

the neighbor’s gdmf* Chihuahua starts barking adding to the noise. “wtf.” the conversation from days prior comes back into my head.

“yeah, so you know, we had to start sleeping with the window closed ’cause your dog barks all night.”

“oh, that’s just him telling me he’s done peeing.” neighbor launches off into some diatribe about how he lets the dogs out early morning, doctor said he should get a dog, being a preacher is soooo stressful, his boys aren’t bad-it’s the girls*, and blah blah blah…

i think he should maybe he should have listened to the gdmf dog and let it back in instead of letting it bark so long at 4am that i actually had time to NOT go back to sleep, get up, debate calling the cops, decide it will stop soon, decide after a few minutes that it wouldn’t, then called the cops. incidentally, by the time i hung up with the cops, the barking had stopped, 45 minutes later.


right. pee. my dictator has spoken.

thankfully, we made it to the bathroom on time. 2 empty bladders later, and 2 cheers of accomplishment, we got the boy back to bed and mom, well, mom gets to get up at 0500. on mother’s day. this is how i find myself blogging on an early sunday morning. i even got to the coffee my husband made before the machine turns itself off.

there are a lot of us moms who are on our own today. many of us have baby’s daddys that are working, deployed, or just non-existent. for the mother of a small child, this can make mother’s day seem like any other sunday. the small ones don’t get the idea that there is one sunday that we are supposed to make moms feel special and one where we make dads feel special. so maybe if you know a mom on her own, conspire with her kids to do something special today. or tomorrow! she might need to know she’s appreciated, ’cause the 3 year old on the potty has no idea that he was supposed to let mom sleep in today.


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