have i mentioned..

how incredibly DONE i am with school? not “technically” done you see…. just burnt the f–k out.

  • i’m sick of the 52 miles each way
  • i’m sick of due dates.
  • i’m sick of not being able to find a healthy, reasonably priced lunch in Chico.
  • i’m sick of assigned research. (i’m always looking up something. i’m just sick of having to do papers)
  • i’m tired of leaving the house at 9am and getting home at 9pm. or later.

yeah, it’s my senior year.

so i try to appreciate the little things. i get 2 hours to myself each day during my drive. i listen to a lot of NPR, stand up comedy, new wave. thank Zeus for satellite radio. i was listening to Forum the other day and a guy, Jack Kornfield, was on the show talking about his new book. he talked about meditation and i found something he said very interesting. he mentioned going for a walk and how while walking, truly notice what is going on around you. notice the vivid orange of the California poppies. notice the ladybugs crawling on the lavender. notice the birds singing. just notice. while you are noticing, clear your head of all the toxic thoughts that cloud your noticing. this is a kind of meditation. (*disclaimer-i am totally paraphrasing and giving my interpretation of what he was actually saying. get the free podcast here) i guess the reason i found this so interesting is that i do this all the time. it is my saving grace at school. i literally have to stop myself from dead heading someone else’s plants, pulling their weeds, or redesigning their yard (in my head). i notice the trees and which ones are blooming and for how long. i like to stand underneath that weird tree outside the art building when in bloom because the bees L-O-V-E it and the buzz is almost deafening. ironically, it is a great way to quiet the mind. anyway, so my wish for you today, my friends, is to notice. quiet your mind and notice. spring is in bloom and there is a lot going on


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