for reals this time

ok, so i am going to post at the other site.  this will remain here for the time being, but you should really go to:

bookmark it, subscribe to it, leave a comment, join my religion, listen to me bitch, click on some links, tell me how much i rock and no you don’t mind that the whole site itself is in a state of flux, stumble me, or whatever.  just do it there.

haha.  and i just gave this website out to like 10 people at school.


ummm…maybe not.

so the new wordpress page is up.  and i hate it.  i know not what the hell i am doing.  soon i will just change the web address of this site and keep this.  i like it better.  maybe if i can teach myself html, MAYBE i will use

i used to feel a tech savvy.

turns out it was all in my head.


moving wordpresses…

so confusing the 2 wordpresses.  but i do have my own domain which differs a little in the title.  i will be found at as soon as i figure all the stuff out.  if i’m not back online with new posts soon, call caffinatedelf and get help.  haha!!  no, really, my friend rob is helping me, but his time is limited (freakin’ grad school) and i might have to stumble through this all alone…*sniff*

Happy Towel Day

i remember where i was when i read that Douglas Adams was no longer operating on this planet. i was in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Castle Rock Hostel, reading some tabloid. seems the OG hitchhiker finally caught a ride to elsewhere. hopefully it was not a passing Vogon ship that picked him up.

so in honor of his brilliance, raise a towel.

A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)

after 30 years of searching…

…i have found a religion that i can join. turns out the standards for admittance are very low, but who cares!? i’m going to Pastafarian Heaven!

you can learn more about my new religion here. i will be visiting your house bright and early saturday morning to witness. put the coffee on!

a bit of scripture:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was ‘ARRRRGH!'” – PIRATICUS 13:7

update: i really have been a member all along. i just never knew.

back when i had enough energy to party.

done done done!!!!!


this is my fist w00t. ok, now first and second. 2 are totally called for in this situation. there seems no more appropriate way to convey my feelings over the cyber-wire.

(i would make it bigger if i could, but i can’t figure out how. oops. whatever. i will not let the lack of increased font size get me down!)

i am done with school.

….well, until next semester. but for now i have completed my spring semester. the second to last semester of my college career. (unless in the unlikely event that i become a masochist and decide that i would like to torture myself with grad school.)

yes folks. she has done it. mama can be happy now and stop stressin’. mama can stop snapping at the most beautiful boy in her life, after all, he just wants to play with her. mama can give a big FUCK OFF to her misogynistic teacher. mama can stop talking about herself in the third person.

here is my final project for photo.

or not.

apparently we are having issues with picture uploads. oh well, check it out on my flickr. it’s the cyanotype purse. i will write an ode to anyone who correctly guesses what the image is and will post it. if i have already told you what it is, no fair, you don’t count, mom. (oh wait, you probably forgot already. hehe. i’m a shithead.) to give credit where credit is due, i got the idea of a little contest from my favourite food photographer/blogger, Blood Sugar. not that it is the same idea, but Graeme got me thinking.

wow. is really all weird tonight. it took me about 5 minutes to get the link right up there.

so, i will go an post lots more fun pictures on flickr now to give ya’ll some eye candy. now that i have the time. :*)

one more thing.  it’s memorial day weekend. act accordingly!  thank you to all the men and women who have served this country.  pass it on.

the gods must have been bored

Cernunnos flanked by the Celtic equivalents of the Greek and Roman gods Apollo and Mercury, carved relief; in the Musée-Abbaye Saint-Remy, Reims, Fr.

Deity 1: It’s hot and i’m bored. smiting people just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Deity 2: yeah, i know what you mean. there’s just so much to be done. so many people to punish.

Deity 3: tell me about it! i have a back log of, shit, let me see….(checking notes).. oh hell, about 8 years with the republican party alone!

Deity 2: (laughing) yeah, but it was fun to watch their faces when the California supreme court ruled the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional!

Deity 1: yeah, good times.

Deity 3: hey, let’s grant arbitrary college students an extra week on environmental science papers!

Deity 2: yeah, we should do that. those papers need to be good. they need to fix that situation down there. we wouldn’t want them killing themselves off. what would we do for fun?

Deity 1: ooooh. i have an idea. let’s create races of giant garden insects with opposable thumbs.

Deity 3: made of chocolate?

Deity 2: you’re weird.