changing my mind…like i do

i’m sitting here, trying to draft an outline for my paper about solar power and it dawns on me (like it does) that i’m going about it all wrong. (this has been happening a lot this semester.) the whole topic of solar power cannot really be fully flushed out unless compared to other sources of power. so in order to narrow down my idea i have decided to write a paper on sustainable energy sources such as solar and biodiesel vs. fossil fuels. this is a great time to be thinking about other energy sources because there are some great new technologies arising from the need to become less dependent on oil. we NEED this.

so please, any ideas from my readers about your thoughts and/or experiences with biodiesel or solar would be greatly appreciated.

you can check out my other post on the topic here.


2 Responses

  1. I met this priest last summer at a Pax Christi conference, and he had basically renovated his entire parish to be almost completely off the grid. It was pretty cool. He was a really interesting guy, I liked talking to him a lot, and I’m sure if you wanted to talk to him, he’d be more than willing.

    Here’s an NYTimes article about him:

    Good luck!

  2. thanks bryson, i will check that out! thanks!

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