i know!! i haven’t posted in a grip….

the truth is, my fingers got tired. haha. no.. just super busy. one more month of the semester, one more semester to go! i will be happy when i am done. and probably a little sad. (and irritated that i have a whole slew of time and no darkroom or press to use.) but i will be blogging more after the end of may. this next month is jam-packed with:

  • a paper on solar power in addition to the weekly assignments and final
  • a final photo project that has yet to be decided on as well as 4 more photos for last regular critique,
  • an anthropology book to read and final in that class,
  • 2 more design projects (one wood and one wire) as well as the project that was due last night at 5 that i ended up demolishing at 4 because it was ALL WRONG and i hated it.

so D and i are taking off to santa cruz today. i think i should add another bullet to the list:

  • learn time management.

the truth is, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. especially in april. there are 6 people in my family* with birthdays in april and one new addition who will be born ANY DAY NOW (come on little man!). i have a feeling that he will come on his dad’s birthday or one of his brother’s birthdays. they are all within a week of each other.

so, i think the posts will be few and far between for the next few weeks. on top of all that, i still have my home responsibilities and mama-ing to do. however, after school is done, i will have time to write more, providing my hands don’t fall off from all the work that they will be up to.

ciao for now.


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