it’s that glorious time of the year where (despite my itchy eyes, runny nose, and general feeling of light-headedness) i am enthralled and amazed by nature. it’s the seedlings and new-growth. it’s the fresh air and clear skies. it’s the rising mercury (i know, they aren’t REALLY mercury anymore) and warmed soil. it’s spring baby and the country-side is in bloom. huge stalks of purple flowers line the highway to school. ponds of white wildflowers flood the pastures for grazing. and right here in my own yard, the signs of life are showing.

earlier this year my backyard looked like this:


i know it’s not really that bad. it doesn’t even snow here. however, i took this pic during a big storm that really terrorized the area for a day, even knocking out power for some for a few days. i am happy to report that the awning-thing is being reused as a trellis for morning glories that are yet to be planted. and the tiles have been safely returned to the table.

i took all of these pictures yesterday:


lamb’s ear in front on the ground, pink breath of heaven on the ground in the back, and i totaly forgot the name of what is planted in the fountain.


MAMMOTH sunflowers. and….coneflowers? is that what i planted? i forgot. the seedlings look an awful lot like cosmos. (and boy have my cosmos replanted themselves!!! i have them coming up in the grass even. oops!) hmm… they could also be black eyed susans or oriental poppies. well, i suppose i will find out soon.



california poppies. the color is really that intense. the flowers will become less intense and smaller as the season wears on, but in the beginning they are spectacular!!


a daisy plant of some sort. the cool thing about this plant is that it blooms all year round here. during the spring and summer the blooms are so compact, you can barely see the green leaves. it is a FAST grower and will quickly take over an area if left unchecked. good for filling in an area with mediocre or poor soil.


a new tree we just planted. australian something-or-other. i like it so far.


my favourite part about late spring. STRAWBERRIES!!!!! i make BOMB strawberry ice cream in the summer. our proximity to road-side fruit stands make it a summer must. i don’t yield enough to make it from my own strawberries, but D and i love to pick a sweet snack in the afternoon. a fresh picked strawberry tastes best when still warm from the summer sun. mmm… it makes me mouth water!


my back yard is buzzing around my lavender in the afternoons, literally. the bees love my lavender so much. today D and i talked about what bees do. we saw a bunch of worker bees collecting pollen to make more honey!! and we love honey. the poor bees though! they were so loaded down with pollen by the time they left the yard, they were flying as though they were drunk: a little to the left….left….no, right….left… right. notice the bee below has so much stuck to his legs it looks as though he’s about to “flashdance”. bring on the ripped sweatshirt! (i hope the ladybugs make it back soon. i just noticed an aphid chillin’ on the lavender!)


so that’s it for this edition of “check out my garden!!” more will be coming as things grow. check back for more!


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  1. Very nice flower pictures! It makes one really look forward to spring and summer!

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