Lost Wages…i mean Las Vegas

i have never been to a place that nickle and dimes you for EVERYTHING!!! this resort we are staying at is a joke. for starters, they call it “cancun” but the decorator for this place obviously doesn’t know exactly WHO lived in cancun. the “art” they have here is mayan AND aztec. and then, just for good measure, they threw in some ART DECO/MONDRIAN WALL SCONCES. really? they had art deco mayans in cancun?

$5 an hour for internet here too. riiiiiiiiiiight. good thing our room faces the condos next door. free wi-fi baby. oh yeah.

i was also irritated at the 5000 guys they have along the strip handing out the nudey-girl cards. noone wants them and they end up on the ground. the environmentalist in me is reeling. not only because they are all on the ground, but because they are printed on double-sided glossy cards. the kind that is not recyclable. so, you know there are a million pictures of naked girls in the landfills here. fyi: those dudes can dish out the cards, but they don’t like it when you try to hand them back. the dude refused so i shoved it in his hand like the last guy had done to me.

last night as we were walking between casinos, i had my head buried in a text message, so i only HEARD the exchange between my husband and mike tyson. yeah, tyson with some teenage girl. she obviously doesn’t know that he is an abuser and rapist. or she just likes those kind of guys. whatever. the funny thing was, as soon as my husband realized mike tyson was headed right towards us, he thought, “man, he sure has gained weight!” let the ear jokes roll…..anyone got any good ones? leave me a comment.

so today, we are headed out to hoover dam. that should be fun. i’m looking forward to it. i love the desert and it will be cool to see more of it! check back for pictures!!


2 Responses

  1. The desert sounds more like my cup of tea.!

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures there. 🙂

  2. Hey, bring me back 52+ of those cards. I had the idea last time I was there to make a ‘deck’ of cards from those, as we were driving out of town.

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