support our troops, for real

i want to KISS the person that made this. i want to print them en-mass and distribute them on cars in mall parking lots. i want to hang them from the gas pumps. i should add that the ribbons are probably made in china and the troops don’t see one cent. i also like the ribbon my brother sports on his car.



4 Responses

  1. The ONLY way to support the troops genuinely and usefully is to bring them home immediately. Any other course of action will only prolong the agony and advance the Neocons’ sordid agenda.

  2. i absolutely agree with you.

  3. Hey, listen here Mike Booth, you brie eating liberal jackanape. The “ONLY way to support our troops genuinely and usefully” is to support our troops so hard, SO HARD that we squirt our troops. Frankly, if you’re not doing that at LEAST twice a day, you may as well be pooping on the flag.

  4. Hahahahahah. “OldMan” your comment made my day….

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