what sucks about having a preschooler

this is in no way a reflection on my son.  this is so not his fault.  but what REALLY sucks about having a preschooler is the songs.  i hate kids songs more and more by the minute.  i’ve had a stupid song from noggin stuck in MY noggin for about…oh….a freakin’ WEEK!

i hate Moose A. Moose and his little friend Zee.  anyone with a preschooler who knows how to take out a cartoon character?  i’ve got a TON of monopoly money for anyone who brings me the moose’s head.

i’ve been listening to Outkast all morning to try to make up the difference.  let’s see if it works.


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  1. you should really try to discover Elisabeth MItchell’s CDs. Our favorite is “you are my little bird” and it is just absolutely lovely – even for the 1,000th time. CDBABY.com stocks it and they’re a delight to order from too.

  2. thanks much, man

  3. many love moose and zee, and many hate them. theres something for everyone. there are some great songs and some ugly songs – we dont know why they put them on CDs for kids, or worst yet – play them on TV and radio -but they do. That said, there are thousands of great music for kids.

    take a look at 100 best singalong songs for kids from cedarmont kids, or disney silly songs, for something different, you can try kids jokes CD from Jackie Martling – or you cna try and get one for free by joining our mailing list 🙂



  4. thanks for all the advice, but we listen to a lot of different music in our house and i really don’t think the kid needs his own CDs. he’s 3. his favourite artists are Johnny Cash and Alicia Keys. plus, he loves outkast, but some of the songs aren’t quite appropriate. if he listens to what we listen to, then i don’t have to listen to kids music! there are some exceptions: they might be giants are one. i have been a fan of TMBG since before they sung kids songs. basically, i play what i like, and what i deem as appropriate for him and he then likes what i like! he gets enough kid songs from the TV. 🙂

  5. Dogs are the doggiest, cows are the cowiest, every where I gooooooo,.

    Kill me. Please take out Gabba Gabba and Pinky Dinky Doo while you’re at it.

    • i have to disagree about Yo Gabba Gabba. i think that show is pure genius! for starters, Supernova performed on the show. Jack Black has been on it, as well as Tony Hawk. and yes, sometimes there IS a party in my tummy. so yummy.

      however, pinky dinky doo is annoying as all hell. so are the wonder pets. jesus, can’t they get some new songs??

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