The Elephants are Coming!!

while on my way home from school tonight (i had to drive an hour there so i could spend an hour and a half in the darkroom) i was listening to NPR on Sirius. i had never listened to the show Judy Carmichael’s Jazz Inspiration, but as i like about 75% of the shows on NPR, there was a good chance that i would hear something i liked and learn something new. i came in on the last 15 minutes of the show, so i guess i missed the part where they talk to the guest about jazz that was influential to them. however, what i did get was an interesting tidbit about an elephant film… or something..?

anyway, i was intrigued enough to find the website of the guest, Eames Demetrios, at, and the elephant film in question. it was very cool. but, then again, i love me some stop motion animation. (i once bought some Wensleydale cheese just because it had a picture of Wallace and Gromit.) so check out the elephants on parade!!!

i also heard him talk about his Kymaerica project. i will have to look into it a little more, but it sounded cool.


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  1. If you like stop motion animation, you should check out AngryKid. It’s creepy/cool/weird/funny. You can find him on, and I fucking love him. My sister and I have been obsessed with him for the past ten years. Some favorites: “Bone”. “Superhero”. “Bloodjuice” and the classic “Stinky.

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