why i prefer to buy birthday cakes

i have tried. i have tried to make the birthday cake. i love to bake, and now that i have a stand mixer (thanks mom!) i love to bake even more. occasionally, i succeed in the birthday cake department. i made my mom a sweet 2 layer strawberry cake for her birthday last month. the thing is, i should not, under any circumstances, try my hand at any sort of writing, roses, pictures, or anything that could possibly be made with ribbons of coloured frosting. inevitably, it always comes out looking like a “halloween cake” as mom put it. the lettering is straight out of a haunted house.

good thing i know these things about myself. my son loves basketball and i am sure that at some point i would have tried to make him a basketball cake if i thought i was any good at decorating. i’m sure it would have looked like this.

they are right: next year, just buy the cake.


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