irritating to no end.

we’ve all gotten them. the emails that ask us to forward on the email because “some big company is going to give a dying kid’s family 3 cents for every email”, or “coke is going to give us a year’s supply of high-fructose corn syrup”, or “Barack Obama is really a terrorist. pass it on”. ALL I’M ASKING IS THAT YOU TAKE 10 SECONDS TO GOOGLE IT BEFORE WASTING MY INBOX TIME.

let me just say that i am wary of ANY email that tells me it will “track” how many forwards i send. i don’t want some nameless, faceless entity reading or even KNOWING about my email usage (yes, i know BIG BROTHER is watching. i am quite aware of my “safety” in exchange for “liberty” and “freedom” and “civil rights”) so don’t even send it.

and i’m sorry, but if Barack Obama were REALLY a radical Muslim, he wouldn’t have gotten as far as the senate because as we all know, the government is run by the radical christians, and seeing as how they are currently waging a WAR against the Muslim faith (and don’t kid yourself that they aren’t) he would not be a major candidate of he were a Muslim. much less likely if he were on a terrorist watch list.

so come on all you people who have a deep and personal relationship with your “forward” button. please, check your facts. don’t rely on someone else to, or you will just be helping their agenda. maybe their agenda is the same as yours, but don’t you want to be the one who decides?

one more thing. no one really likes those emails with the sleeping babies and gooey poem. really, the people you send it to probably just hit delete. if you need me to send it back to you to prove my friendship, then you have issues and it might be better if we aren’t friends anyway. now, if you KNOW me, and you think i might actually REALLY like something, i would be more than happy to find it in my inbox.

so in closing, when it doubt, snope it out.


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