i feel like i need to respond to myself.

my dear sweet friend left a rather thought provoking comment on my “going green” post. i started to respond in a comment, but it was getting a bit long, and i haven’t posted in a few days, so i thought i would respond in a post.

as i reread my post, i feel i didn’t get to the root as to why i was a little bent on the “movement”.

i think the thing that gets me most about the “freegan” thing is the refusal to participate and change the system from within. there will always be the insane amount of waste if we don’t change how things are done in the first place. stepping outside the system and refusing to participate doesn’t change the problem. the problem is our attitudes towards what we throw away and what we consider usable. i am not above dumpster diving. i have done it myself. (looking longingly at the table i rescued from the drama department’s dumpster and thinking about my grand plans to do a mosaic on the top) i have also left things that were of no use to me anymore in an area where someone could take it without having to go through garbage. things like freecycle are way rad and help with the waste in the end, but what else can be done to reduce, reuse and recylcle our goods? what else can be done to change the attitude we have towards things that are not “new” or “fashionably antique”? how else can we convince ourselves that we do not need to buy so much “stuff” in the first place?

i’m open to suggestions. the thing is, we need a whole lot more people, thinking a whole lot more local. it frustrates me when there are so many little things that people could do, and they just don’t. it seems like there is just so much lip service to the environment and people try to get by dong as little as they can and still look themselves in the mirror. and then there are those who couldn’t care less and buy a humvee anyway.

see: Tragedy of the Commons (you should really really read this. you will like it.)


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