must….resist…urge… make.

because with a 3yo, a full time school schedule, a house to keep, and numerous art/craft/school projects i have going, i have time to attempt to make these. or these. yeah right. for one, i don’t even know how to felt wool, but i have found tutorials that claim it is as easy as washing it in hot water and drying it in the dryer. (i’m not so sure about that) and for two, i seriously doubt that with my 2 months of sewing mastery i could make pillows so smooth and stone like.

maybe after i win the lottery and become an eccentric (ie: i won’t be “weird” because i will have $$$), i will build a room filled with these. ooohhh…then i will hang rope swings from the ceilings that look like vines and i will wear (imitation) animal hides and ……*wanders off in own little fantasy land*


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