lunar eclipse part due

i thought the lunar eclipse was on tuesday night. i spent my long drive home from school lamenting the fact that it was raining, trying to mask my disappointment by listening to stand-up on the satellite. laughing, but hollowly. every now and again the clouds would thin, showing me a silvery white essence behind the gaseous forms of dihydroxide. i figured i had totally missed it and there won’t be another one for a few years.

then wednesday night, J, next door, called and asked if i was watching the eclipse. i hadn’t missed it after all! sweet. a friend of mine had showed me some pictures he had taken of saturn (i think) by pointing the camera through the eye piece of his telescope. no fancy equipment, nothin’ to buy, but……not exactly the clearest astronomical pics. but he has a picture of saturn (i think) that he took himself. i thought i’d try it out.

i don’t think it turned out too bad! a little fuzzy, but overall i think it is pretty cool!!



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