sometimes i’m just so proud of myself….

…proud of myself like when i DON’T give the jehovah’s witnesses a piece of my mind for trying to sell me their door-to-door religion. i just kindly tell them that i am not in the market for any jesus, i just went to sam’s club and if i needed any jesus i would have gotten it there, because it was on sale.

but i digress.

today i had a series of small feats.

  • i made to my first class on time and got a good seat. v. importante when said class is in a lecture hall filled with freshman. (sweet jesus i want to slap some of them.) this is a feat as i live 52 miles from school and usually have to pee so bad by the time i get to town that my eyeballs are floating. this results in a stop at safeway for the loo and by the time i’m done there all the closer is parking gone. then it’s a farther walk with less time…blah blah blah. you get the picture. don’t suggest leaving earlier as i already aim for leaving at 9 for an 11 o’clock class. aim being the operative word here.
  • managed to NOT get called up to the front of the class to do the teacher’s bastard-child rendition of “who wants to be a millionaire in jeopardy”. yeah, he thinks he’s a funny guy.
  • sat in the sun between classes and enjoyed the company of some friends.
  • made it to my 2nd class on time. i even had time to sneak in a few scrabulous moves before the teacher started her horribly boring incredibly insightful photography slide show.
  • worked on developing cute little alien that might be part of my company logo during said slide show.
  • wrote paper on gallery show to be turned in to 3rd class, during 2nd class. had enough time left over to spend time in darkroom.
  • developed beautiful picture of D that will be going up on flicker stream after being scanned in tomorrow.
  • made it to 3rd class on time (give or take a few minutes) and was one of about 7 people who did not make plans for valentine’s day (um…because i have class!) thus resulting in 1 letter grade extra credit on any project this semester. score. and turned in paper. sweet.

so dear non-existent readers, life is grand. plus tomorrow is friday which means no school for 4 days. it might make for really long school days, but i love having only tuesday/thursday classes.


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