going Green?

the epitome of a green, sustainable lifestyle or just plain homeless?

excuse me? since when has it been noble to throw up hands in despair at situation and say , “it can’t be changed, so i won’t participate”? i am all for sustainability, reducing waste and resource use, recycling materials, reusing materials, etc. what i apparently don’t understand is how being “freegan” differs from being chronically homeless in any way other than being 5150, which as i’m writing this, it occurs to me that perhaps there is no difference at all.

well there is always the difference of being tragically hip and young on the freegan side.

i guess all the men and women who have been camping under bridges, not working, salvaging discarded items of use, dumpster diving, wearing 2nd/3rd/4th hand clothes, vegetarian (mostly)……they were just ahead of their time. they are seasoned freegans.

i just thought of one other difference. trust funds. as in the homeless seasoned freegans don’t have them. back when i lived in Olywa, we just called them trust fund hippies. never understood the lure of living on someone’s couch (on a good night). that and i CANNOT STAND the smell of dirty, nasty, foul odor that is patchouli.

‘k. i’m done.


3 Responses

  1. I actually know some super cool freegans. The philosophy that they typically live by is that there is an incredible amount of waste and excess in our society – so why not locate it and put it to good use instead of sending it straight to the landfill? I have personally seen some of the amazing treasures that these people have found – it is dumbfounding what people throw away sometimes. For the record, the folks who I know who practice freeganism do bathe, and live unconventional yet acceptable existences. šŸ™‚ I consider the food not bombs movement to be in the nature of freeganism, and a beautiful example of real anarchy in action. How awesome is it to prevent healthy, fresh food from being sent to a landfill and instead use it to feed hungry people? Haha, all the while breaking the stupd law that says you can’t do such a thing! I fucking LOVE me some food not bombs!!!
    I have met this creature you describe in your blog, however. I just know it by a different name. Locally, we refer to them as “trustafarians”. They often do not bathe nor wash and comb thier hair. They bitch and moan about the system, the “man”, etc, but do not often participate in healthy community building. Ironically, you often find them waiting in the food not bombs line, but rarely in the kitchen. They seem to have no qualms about collecting thier monthly allowance from either thier trust fund, or from welfare. They outright disrespect the rastafarian culture by posing as rastas, yet make pitiful or no attemps to live up to the idealogy of that belief system. Thier nasty, shady and I consider them leaches on society. They think it’s cool to be dirty, lazy and negative. We have our fair share of them here in Santa Cruz!!

  2. i think i need to respond in another post to you sweet girl!

  3. […] 2008 by andomeda*art my dear sweet friend left a rather thought provoking comment on my “going green” post. i started to respond in a comment, but it was getting a bit long, and i haven’t […]

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