my entry in to bloggerdom.

i sit. pondering what an earth i could have to say to cyberspace. what is my tone? what is my….Shtick? i am not as engaging and funny like Jessica is over at Kerflop. I think and rethink everything i type. the [delete] will be worn out in a year, maybe less. and i don’t type fast. my lil fingers get tired. and don’t even try to get on my about capitalization and proper punctuation. [the shift] key and i have a civil, but not overly friendly, relationship. (it’s just jealous of the time i spend with [delete].)

so be prepared to:

  • be enthralled with my adventures at college with tales like “really, i have to take that class again?“. let’s not for get the lore of “the girl who had too much attitude for even art school!“.
  • also, my wonderful, loving, intelligent, handsome, yet crazy energetic 3 year old might be the topic of a post or 2.
  • purses! purses! purses!! i plan on setting up an etsy shop come the summer. i will be posting new purses that i make from time to time, plus other crafts i happen to find time to do. i just want to finish school so that i can sew!! all the time, sew!! screw art history, let’s thread some bobbins. (i’m a total party. can you tell?)
D and a purse

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